Like, Ooo, hey, wow

Soooo…Betsy and I are going to talk, hopefully sometime next weeek. I’m not sure I can really believe that I’m going to go to her and tell her all of this…not like it’s super-personal or anything but it’s really laying some of my more private cards on the table in this whole situation, which isn’t something I’m really likely to do, most of the time. So yay for Anita and Kate, who convinced me that this might actually be a good thing to do, and who set me on the path. I don’t know why I’m so excited about this…things could go horribly and I could be behind where I am now, but if that’s going to happen, then I guess I need to know it. Mostly, though, I’m excited…I feel like this is truly a good thing. So we’ll see when it’s actually going to happen, but it IS going to happen.


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