• Mood: hot (is hot a mood?)
  • Music: um…does the air conditioner count?

e.e. cummings is bril…tres bril…and anyone who tries to tell you differently is selling something ;0) Today would be a “leaping greenly spirits of trees” day if it weren’t so danged HOT (the Weather Channel website say 99…but it FEELS hotter because the wind is gusting…stupid wind). You know it’s hot when the plants made to live in South Africa are dying. Even Masta’ C is hot…poor little water boy…I might have to make sure he doesn’t boil this summer.

I had a cool weekend…I got to meet Renee and Rebekah and Scott and Katherine and watch them “speech and debate.” They’re amazing…they don’t think so, but they are. Like I could have done that in high school…uh-huh, keep dreaming.

I found out that Sandy, a lady at church, is an AMAZING soprano. I mean, I knew she could play the organ like nothing else, but Steph and Sellis and Matthew and I went to concert last night, and that woman can sing. I don’t think anyone knew (except of, course, Devon) that she was so good. Kudos to Sandy, for what that’s worth.

I might change web journals yet again…this one annoys me because I can’t do everything I want to do. Xanga is cool, but then I can’t put it on my website, yada yada yada. Not that my website is anything to write home about…


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