I’m Sad…

…looks like Gabriel is on his last legs. Literally. He can’t walk anymore, and sometimes he lays in bed crying because he wants to die so badly. I think it’s really cool that his parents seem to be telling him that he’ll be able to run and play again in heaven, but it’s so sad that it makes him want to die because he can’t do it all now. It’s so hard to be watching him die through others’ pictures and words; I can’t imagine what it must be like to be with him day in and day out. I’m sure it’s wonderful and beautiful and glorious in some ways, and one of the worst feelings in the world in others.

Times like this, I’m glad I’m not God. I’m glad I don’t have to know if it’s better for Gabe and his family if he dies quickly or slowly. I know that God is so much more than I that this isn’t a burden on him but….well, I don’t know “but what,” but I know there’s a “but something” inside of me.

Sweet, well-loved Gabriel!!! May heaven be so much more than you ever asked or imagined (well, that’s a safe blessing, I think)


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