Why do people always worry about me when I want to be alone? Why do they always think that, somehow, I should really really really want to go run errands with them, or whatever it is that they’re doing? Sorry, the grocery store is just NOT my favorite place to be. Sorry. I’d much rather sit here, with my book and my computer and my music, and just kick back for a little while. Really. REALLY. I’m not ill, or crazy, or depressed, just…quiet, I guess. At least for today.


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  1. If you had loved the acceptance of the crowd, it would have only proved your hatred toward God. If you are misunderstood by the people you meet, remember that you are understood perfectly by God. The crowd is always running after things to distract them from confronting eternity. If people insist on controlling you, it is only because they have not first learned the higher calling of controlling their own life.

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