Bam! Thud! Thud!

Look at me…I’m going to test this whole “posting by email” thing AND
be controversial all at the same time. Bam! Thud! Thud! TWO birds,
ONE bullet. Or something like that.

So dad and I had breakfast together this morning, and we ended up
talking about the whole new-earth/old-earth creation debate. My big
question about the whole thing is, why don’t all these people get over
themselves? I mean, BAM!!!, God created. What more do we need? My
bet is that we couldn’t understand how long it took him to do so if we
tried (well, we are trying, and we don’t understand; at least, we
don’t agree at all). I think it’s one of those cases of transposition
that Jack talks about in his essay (called, amazingly,
“Transposition”). I mean, I think God probably created in some way
that we can’t understand and the best way Moses could write it down is
using the word “day”. Do I have evidence…well, not scientific, but
then again, science isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anyway (which is
another controversial topic that I’ll maybe talk about another day, if
I feel like it then).

It just makes sense to me. God seems so very much BIGGER than this
debate. And creation is a supreme case of supernatural having to
translate into (and through, for that matter) natural. So it seems
likely that the reality is something much, much greater than we can

But this doesn’t really matter (though what would this position be
called…we have new earth and old earth…what would this be, the
how-the-hell-do-I-know earth position?). What matters is that God
created. He CREATED. He came down in such a massive (and yet such a
small, if you think about all of him, or try to) way. I mean, if you
think about it, he revealed himself to us before he created us, by
making us an earth to live on. How cool is that!!! When I look at
that, how can I argue about HOW or WHEN he created it. He created
it!!! That’s what’s so awesome. So enough beating around the bush.
Go out, and enjoy creation, and try to see the hand of God in it.
Now, dang it!!!


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