I feel witty

…or not. Actually, I feel tired. Quite tired, since my body thinks it’s almost 11. Time changes suck.

I don’t have much to say. I’m mostly wasting time until my laundry is done. If I harnessed all the time I spent waiting for laundry, I could get so much done. Too bad I can’t put it all into one larger timeslot. Now that….THAT would be cool. Actually, I wish I could do that with all my little smidgens of time that I find here or there…put it together into functional chunks.

I always wonder if time is part of the curse that God put on man…not that it exists, but something about the way we view it, or use it. I’m not quite sure what I’m getting at, except that I know I’m getting at something important. I hate it when I dance around something and can’t get to it. Oh well…maybe tomorrow.

Maybe it’s stress that’s of the fall.


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