THE Fresh Prince

What a good ol’ show. Fabulous, and all that. Seriously, though, Will Smith is one of my favorite actors. Not that he’s been in the best movies or anything, but I do like him. He’s also one of my favorite rappers (since I can name about 3 and at least one of those is dead, that’s not saying so much).

Jenn had Snugbug…aka Elisabeth Alexandra Snell. Elisa. Or Alex. Or Xandra, if you ask Micah, apparently. Very cute. Very beautiful. Very small. Christa’s another one who has a “thing” about holding newborns. I really don’t get it. I love holding them…I have since I was a little kid. I don’t necessarily want my OWN kid right now, but I love to hold the new ones.

*yawn* Today is a slow day. Was? Both. I need a more exciting life. With fewer mosquitos…West Nile has hit LA, big time. Uncle Phil got it. Yikes.


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