Miles/Bujold Propaganda (or “Something Clever I Once Wrote”)

Yeah, you get two posts from me today. Lucky you.

I wrote this on my last day of class in History and Theory of Soul Care (which, as far as I could tell, had little history and mostly us on theory). Most of you know that, at the end of last semester, something had to go for me, and it looks like my concentration was it.

This is an unfinished conversation (in limerick, vaguely) between Miles and Ivan about ice. It’s unfinished because class finished and, well, when Miles is talking like Jar Jar just to annoy Ivan, there’s not a whole lot more to be said.

M to I:
O innocent bystander Ivan,
Without you I think I’d be thrivin’
Lay off with the ice
Since it’s really not nice
A few days from now, I’ll be jivin’.

I to M:
O, but Miles, dear cousin of mine,
without me you would not be “just fine”.
The ice wasn’t nice,
But it’s better than lice,
The thought of which did cross my mind.

No more ice! Don’t bring lice! I’m awake and
Alive. I don’t want to die by your hand.
I’ll pay and I’ll pay,
Whatever you say,
If only you’ll get off of my land.

No way, little coz, I won’t leave today.
“The Man” himself sent me, so I’ll stay and I’ll stay.
You can scram and shout,
but you’ll feel the lout
And I’ll remain by your side ’til it’s May.

*sigh* I know that you’ll do as you must,
Though you again I don’t think I’ll trust.
I’ll talk like Yoda
And we’ll only drink soda
And we’ll see see just how long ’til you bust.

As long as you don’t talk like Jar Jar
I’ll smile and give a mild “har-har.”
I’m paid for this Miles,
So can your sweet smiles,
And don’t watch me when I raid your bar.

My bar? Dearest Ivan, what do you mean?
You must eat, you must sleep, you’ve gotten so lean.
So when me-sa to bed,
Goes with pain in my head
You’ll follow me, if you’re really so keen.

O cousin Miles, you’ve so many wiles,
Do you think I don’t see thru this for miles?
I’ll go to sleep
And away you will creep,
And I’ll be sent away to St. Giles.

Aren’t you so glad I posted this?


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