What I Learned at Karate Camp

I just got back from karate camp, where I learned two things.

First, I learned the sunburn hurts. Duh! But I’ve never been sunburned badly before. Which is my excuse for letting it happen in the first place. I don’t understand how people let this sort of thing happen year after year after year, sometimes more than once a year. Really. Hello, all you slow people out there….use SUNSCREEN (Right now, I just found blisters…bah!!).

Secondly, I learned that groin shots also hurt women. Girls…don’t ever let anyone tell you that it doesn’t hurt. It might hurt the guys more, but it also hurts us. Oh yeah, and Fr. David, if you read this, the next time you tell someone “You’re tall, so you should use knee and elbow strikes when people move close in,” YOU can be their first target ;0) All in good fun, though. And I’ll be fine


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