My goals

I sent these to my boss today and thought I’d post them here…for my own easy reference, if nothing else.

These are my goals as a tutor this year.

1. I want to prepare per class session and not per book. Over the last two years, I’ve spent most of the time that I spend preparing in looking at historical contexts, important ideas, etc. for each book. Now, I think I have that well enough to only need a small refresher for each book, and so I want to spend more time tailoring the questions that I have, that I know can generate good discussion, for each class, by tying them to issues that are important for the students, current events, etc. Also as a part of this, I want to read with the topics in mind that I want to talk about, so I will have more notes and ideas specific to each question.

2. I would like to read Adler’s How to Read a Book and Wise’s The Well-Trained Mind. I don’t know how realistic this is until next summer, though.

3. I want to work on the “selling it” side of my classes, mostly in Foundations (since Inklings tends to sell itself). I don’t think that I’ve done poorly with this over the last two years, but it hasn’t been a major focus of my tutoring, and I want to see what happens when it is.

4. I want to communicate better with the parents of my students. I have had trouble with this because parents are often difficult to get ahold of, and so continuing to contact them falls through the cracks. I want to work on intervening early with students who seem to be struggling.

5. I want to focus on pressing students in the area of relativism. So many of the students are relativistic without knowing it, and I want this to be my “issue” this year.

6. I want to work, specifically in the area of question generation, with the other tutors tutoring my classes, particularly Foundations.

Maybe having these here will help me remember that they actually exist 😉


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