A Post Just So There’s Another Post

I couldn’t stand the fact that my goals for WORK were the last things I had up on my blog. Yet, I don’t have much to say, today.

I made some…special…cookies today. They’re chocolate chip and they taste rather good, but they look rather brownish instead of yellowish or whitish, like cookies usually look. And they’re supposed to be crispier than most cookies, but they’re actually rather puffy. So they’re odd. The good news is, anything made with Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Chips has to be good. Thanks to Robin for the chips. My roommate has a great mother.

I’ve watched more volleyball today than ever before, I think. We’re watching the Olympics, and they keep showing volleyball or all sorts. You know, beach, indoor, men’s, women’s, etc. I’m fast approaching “totally sick of volleyball.”

I went to Gigante for the first time today…lots of cheap produce, and people who don’t speak english and look at me strangely for being a blonde white girl in their mexicano grocery store. Get over it.

I get to go to the ISF new student lunch thingy tomorrow. Which should be fun. I volunteered 😉 I love the ISF community. And I get to talk to Monica about the Enneagram, which should be fun. Or something. And then I get to buy books, and then I get to go talk to Kate. Poor Kate. I have so much to say to her. And we won’t get to half of it. But maybe I’ll stop for Guinness on the way home, this time…all of which will have to be drunk (drank? drinked?) by Thursday…or something. Yay Guinness.


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