So…I want to go the Sudan…

Yeah. This isn’t something I’ve told everyone I know, though I’m starting to become more comfortable with it.

I was looking at a magazine (maybe Newsweek? or National Geographic? I really don’t remember.) with pictures of the refugee camps filled with people from the Darfur region, with some sort of commentary about how Americans don’t know what’s going on, or won’t know until it’s almost over, or something like that. And I wanted to go. But it was more than wanting to go. It was a gut feeling that I wanted to go, if that makes any sense. I’d never thought before about going to the Sudan, but now I’m pursuing it. Or trying to. Which doesn’t make much sense.

There aren’t many open doors to the Sudan right now. Mostly because it’s so dangerous, which I understand. But I felt it strongly enough to pursue it. I don’t know if I heard the voice of God or the wanderlust of my own heart. But if I heard the voice of God, then he will open the doors for me to go.

So if you know of any way I could get there, will you let me know?



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2 responses to “So…I want to go the Sudan…

  1. Bekah

    I am not sure how you would be able to go…but I have the same calling. It isn’t something most people understand…it is just difficult to explain. Anyway, I am a nurse and I really REALLY want to go, so if you figure anything out, will you pass it along to me? I will do the same if I come across anything.

  2. I’ll pass on whatever I hear, Bekah. And thanks for the comment 😉 Feel free to come around anytime you want.

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