Hi. I’m pissed. Can I be pissed? Because I’m really pissed.

Oh yeah, and if you are or are related to my “favorite” professor or otherwise don’t want him knocked off the pedestal you have him on, you should probably stop reading.

After ALL I went through last year to get into the Soul Care program and to be able to apply for the Intensive Journey retreat, and with the email I finally got from him that basically said that, if things worked out with scholarships and stuff, I would be able to go…he forgot. He forgot. He DARED forget.

I wasn’t sure I needed to reapply or if my application would be held with the ones for the fall and so I asked today. We proceeded to have an entire conversation where I was confused until, upon relating it later, I realized that he was thinking that I’d been rejected from the retreat once.

Um…no. No. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I played that game once. I don’t want to play it again.

Luckily for me, I kept the email he sent me this summer. So I’ll attach it to my reapplication so he can see what he wrote.

Let’s just hope he hasn’t forgotten how to READ.

Seriously, though, God worked that out and he can work this out…I just hope somebody else has a better memory than he does. Or maybe Dr. Prof. will dream about it tonight….


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