So, a friend of mine checked my blog last night, and some of my posts weren’t there. Isn’t that weird. I thought so. That’s why I entitled this post “Weird…”.

My heart is going nuts. I’m not sure what happened. My blood sugar got really low, but I ate a cookie (which was the best I could do in a hurry at the Eagle’s Nest) and then went to the fitness center. While I was on the ellipitical machine, my heart rate got really fast and my heart feels like it’s beating really hard…like maybe my blood pressure is high. I keep feeling it in my ear (which is also weird…I mean, does it mean I have unresolved water in my ears???). My heart kind-of goes nuts sometimes (and Doctors always look at me oddly when I say that, but they never bother to check anything), but this is…well…weird. So I guess I’ll lay low today.

Oh, and for those of you who care, Cummings pooped.


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