And Another Thing…

I scratched my cornea today. On a plant. Yes, a plant.

But I shall begin at the beginning.

Cummings was eating his little green rocks on Sunday, and then again this morning. Since mom and dad brought a 20-gallon tank for him last night, I figured I’d put him in the new tank sans little green rocks. So I took the whole setup apart, put the turtle in a really small bowl (he used to fit into it!!!) with a lid, and set out around the neighborhood to find larger rocks. I was down by The Hovel, trying to navigate around a palm bush, when Stephanie came to help. I looked up at her and bent down to get a rock at the same time, missed a frond thing, and got poked in the eye. When I stood up, I couldn’t see. Or, well, I couldn’t see right. So I freaked out (yes, it’s freaky not to be able to see right). Stephanie took me to the health center, where the Dr. said that he definately needed to see me soon, and they had an appointment for 25 minutes later (which is amazing, from the health center…I think it was a God thing, ’cause they certainly were surprised). Anyway, they shined a bunch of lights on my face and dyed my eye yellow and then shined a black light on it and said that it’s just a cornea scratch, but it’s wide and deep. The Dr. said 24-48 hours, but experience tells me it’ll take a week or two to heal completely. And I have this gooky stuff to put all over my eye four times a day. And I have a headache because my brain keeps telling the muscles of my eye that they’re not doing their job because it can’t see straight, so they keep flexing and unflexing, trying to do their job. Poor muscles.

Oh yeah, and when we got home to take Cummings out of the aforementioned really small bowl, guess what we found that wasn’t there before? Two (not one, but TWO) little green rocks. I’ll let you imagine how they got there.


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