I can see. Really and truly. Not perfectly. And I think my computer has a virus of sorts, though McAfee can’t seem to find anything. It’s just sort-of spastic lately. I re-start it and it’s fine, it’s just that it’s having trouble waking up from being asleep and not just being totally strange. Like today, I would click on FirstClass, type in my password, hit enter, and FirstClass would shut down. Entirely. I did this several times before I caught on to the fact that it wasn’t, in fact, going to work. But that is the strangest problem. And that’s the third time in several days that I’ve had to shut my computer down to get it to work. And it’s never had problems like that before. And McAfee did delete a worm the other day. Poor c’puter.

Cummings ate 8 rocks total. Now they are all far from where little turtle mouths can get them 😉 And he eats more. Hung’y Hung’y Turtles!!!!

I’m sure that there’s something more interesting to report, but I can’t think of it right now.


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