As in the TV show, not is in another name I go by.

There’s just something about watching a smart girl deal with her difficult father, handle what basically reduces to a secret identity, resist one hot guy and fall for another, all while kicking butt at least once a week that just makes me crazy. Not in a bad way…don’t take me wrong, I’m not in love with Sydney. But she is so cool. And I sound like a lovestruck teenager. But I’m ok with that.

Tonight we finish season one. Which would be a little more exciting if I hadn’t figured out how it ends already. And had it confirmed by the spoilers I accidentally saw last night. But still…leather, hair dye, karate, kickboxing, lock picking, krav maga…the combination is exhilarating.



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2 responses to “Alias

  1. Joi

    YAY!!!!! Another Alias fan!! Great show. I love watching Syd with her friends and family. Good good stuff. Oooh….I think Season three is out now…..*happy dance* Oh, but I gotta watch Season 3 of Babylon 5, too….

  2. Hey…no spoilers here…just so you know, spoilers are in grave danger from me.

    One interesting Alias comment…it’s really killed any desire that I had to romanticize the spy trade and then want to be one 😉

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