The Enneagram Strikes Back!!!

So…maybe now I’m a 6. That’s what everyone thought today. And I have some peace about it…though maybe I’ve had peace with each one of the numbers that I’ve thought I’ve been??!!?! I don’t know. But it’s BAA-AACK!!!

And my favorite scene from the first season of Alias: Jack Bristow is with the blonde shrink who he’s been trying to flirt with, and makes some statement about not having a normal family. Typical shrink, she says, “A normal family? What is a normal family, Jack?” Jack says, “Well, one that’s not under orders to lie to each other comes to mind.” I love it when shrinks get shrunk!!!

My favorite Peter Jennings scene from election night:
Jennings: I think Kerry is going to take Ohio. It’s only a matter of time now. Mr. Political Analyst, when do you think they’re going to count Ohio for Kerry?
Political analyist: Actually, Peter, I think Ohio is going to go for Bush.
Jennings: Oh. Mr. Political Analyst 2, when do you think Ohio is going to go for Kerry?
Political analyist 2: Actually, I don’t think Kerry can win Ohio. I just don’t think its possible.
****commercial break****
Jennings: Welcome back. Any minute now, they’re going to announce that Ohio has gone for Kerry. We’re waiting…..


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