The Deserted Desert, and Dessert

The Anza-Borrego trip was definitely beyond belief. Like, I never would have believed the glee in a certain priest-friend’s eyes when we got stuck in the mud in a sandy wash with a rain storm coming in and stood there for an hour and a half watching the car sink into 6 inches of quick sand, almost missing the lecture and movie that was his sole reason for coming out to the desert in the first place. But, seeing is believing, and now I believe.

Also, while I was in those moments, I never would have believed that there was a call box within 100 yards of us that we couldn’t see because it was night. But I now also believe in that.

I also would not have believed that the desert during a rain storm could rival my own, favorite, Colorado Rockies for sheer beauty and massiveness. But it did.

I also never would have believed that I could get to the point where I was so tired, and in such dire desire of a drink, that Bud Light could taste good. But it did.

And there’s more…

I never would have believed that I would ever, Ever, EVER find myself in a small-town cemetary, at night, in the rain, looking for an unmarked grave. But I did.

And I never would have believed that I could go in to an inviting, warm, used bookstore and buy exactly nothing, but I did.

And I never would have believed that, in a room of bunk beds where everyone could have had a bottom bunk, each girl in a group aged 22-25 would choose a top bunk…but we did.

I also did some things I would believe, like…
ate ice cream for breakfast
dried pants, shoes, jackets, socks, etc. across the horizontal beams of an A-frame cabin
wished that there were more Aussies in the world just so I could hear them talk
saw someone with an eyebrow barbell who looked really good and thought, “I could be just like her.”
listened to stories about the Mad Scientist’s Club and wished I was a boy in the 50’s
went a whole weekend without Alias (albeit not without references)
had mass from a cup and off from a plate that the priest “borrowed” earlier that morning


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One response to “The Deserted Desert, and Dessert

  1. Joi

    Ooh. I love the Mad Scientist Club stories. My mom got me hooked on them.

    And speaking of Alias….know anyone who’s got the 3rd season on DVD? My VCR doesn’t work, and stupid Blockbuster only has seasons 1 and 2. *sigh*

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