‘S Ash Wednesday, Everyone

It’s also the Chinese New Year, which sounds significantly happier to me. You know, passing around money versus choosing how you will NOT spend it for the next 40 days. Except Sundays. During Lent, it’s TGIS, not TGIF.

My biggest problem with Ash Wednesday is the smudgy stuff they put on your forehead. I know why they do it, and I know that it’s important, but it’s smudgy. As in, it gets black stuff all over everything if I don’t take it off as soon as I get home. Maybe I’m just a mess. The smudgy stuff also makes me remember Melissa and all of the other Roman Catholics in Jr. High and High School who were pretty arrogant and condescending about their smudges. I think I just thought they were strange. Go figure. Now I’m strange.

So, just for the record, I don’t actually hate Lent. Or Ash Wednesday. It’s just that it’s always funnier to write about what annoys you than about what you like.


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