Theoretical and Practical

Sometimes, I feel like a moron. And other times, I think that all of those people who push us to compartmentalize are the morons.

(enter rant)

Here’s my latest dilemma…I’ve found that I’m interested in BOTH the theoretical and the practical sides of spiritual formation and spiritual direction. I’m not like one of my friends (who I love), who decided that her favorite part of one of the practical classes was the paper she wrote for it. And I’m not like others that I know who really don’t have a taste for the theoretical, and really don’t see a point to the classes that aren’t theoretical. I’m in the middle. I love the paper I’m writing for the class I’m in, but I also love doing the spiritual direction.

Really, I know that I don’t have to choose. And I know that this is only a sham compartmentalization, that what you THINK really does influence what you DO, and how you go about doing it. And, the more theory and ideas and all of that that I know and interact with and all, the better director I’ll be. But then, why can’t I do practicums AND write a thesis, and get two degrees out of it. Ok, so most of you will think that I’m crazy because I actually want to write a thesis but…well, I do. Not necessarily on Celtic spirituality, but on something that might have something to do with Celtic spirituality.

Well, I know there’s more to it than that. I know that degrees need to have value, they can’t be worthless, we can’t give them out for no work. But why? Why isn’t there a degree for people like me?

(exit rant)
(insert pity party)
(exit pity party)

Ok, so I’m done with that. Over my rant. Really. But I have little else to say, since I wrote over 6,000 words today (maybe close to 7,000…yikes!!). I think that my words for the day are all used up.


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