Today’s rant is on citational systems. All of them. Any of them. As in, as long as I get the author’s name, the title, the place of publication, the publishing house and the date, and they’re all in there somewhere, and it’s all internally consistent, why does it matter how I do it. As in, I just turned a “Works Cited” page, where I had actually used 9 books, into a “Works Cited” page with 16 citations. Four of them were (different) untitled poems, all without a mentioned author. So I have four citations for:
Anonymous. Untitled Poem. In.. etc, etc, ect.
The two previous citations are for:
Anonymous. Untitled devotional poem. In…etc, etc, etc.
And there are at least two other citations for the same book. Give me a break. Please. And don’t anyone DARE accuse me of padding my Bibliography, because this is all according to The Law of Citing Sources.


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