If you want to know exactly how eccentric I am, click here. It’s my Amazon wishlist. Buy me something while you’re there, too 😉

I’m also odd because I forgot to pay my spiritual director on Tuesday. I was sure I had, so much so that I didn’t even think about it. Until, that is, I glimpsed the corner of the check I’d written her peeking out of my purse yesterday morning…at work. I was so embarrassed that I wouldn’t call her until it was after hours so I wouldn’t actually have to talk to her. And I didn’t answer her call tonight (but that was because it came up as ‘unknown’, not as her…though I’m not sure I would have taken it were it her).

I’m really not a space case. I’m not a blonde. In fact, I’m only blonde when I’m wired, tired, or otherwise fried (which, I realise, does not rhyme with wired or tired). And I was all of those on Tuesday. Wired, because Stephanie passed her quals. And tired, also because Stephanie passed her quals. And (you guessed it) fried for the same reasons.

I didn’t realise exactly how fried I was until I got home and totally crashed. As in, sat on the couch and tried to watch Knight Rider, the movie. As in, I watched a David Hasselhoff movie…voluntarily. Yikes!!!

So I’m recovering from my spaciness. Pear cider helps, amazingly enough. The more I have of it, the more it helps 😉


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