So, for those of you in the know, I now have a date for my Date. Cool. And if you’re not in the know, well, ask me, because I’m not going to post that story here.

In other news, our apartment looks like a bomb hit it. A bomb in the form of lots of boxes, furniture in strange places, etc. Ingrid came home today and said, “Wow, every time I come home the house has packed more of itself.” Yeah…I WISH it were packing itself. That would make my life much, Much, MUCH less tiring. Because packing is tiring. And it eats up time like nothing else. I would never have imagined that I could spend so much time without realizing how much time I’d spent, but I can.

Going to see Star Wars tonight, like most of the rest of the free world. Yipes. We’re all here to watch Anakin go to his doom. Doom. Doom. Doom. DOOM. What a strange society we are. Especially my kids. Some of them have been in line since 3, dressed as characters from The Lord of the Rings. Yes, I said The Lord of the Rings and I meant The Lord of the Rings. Crazy kids. And I love them all dearly. But don’t tell them that.

So I should go. Because Anakin is going to his doom, and that’s something that, as a self-respecting American born between 1975 and 1985, I can’t possibly miss.

Oh, and May 28th. Pray for me.


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