I’ve never had this much fun…

…photocopying before. Actually, the copying itself wasn’t fun, but actually having some structure to my day was. And getting out of the house. And getting out of my head. And fighting with the copier…oh, wait, no…that wasn’t fun. I don’t think I’ve ever felt sillier when doing something bland like making copies. But it helped a lot when someone who knows the copy machine well walked in and said, “Why is it doing THAT?!!?!” And restarted it for me. And then it worked. And later, I found out just why it kept doing that particular thing to me (though I never did figure out all of its quirkiness).

And Betsy shouldn’t ever let me loose in her office, unsupervised. She might come back to my having browsed her books for several hours and not accomplished anything. 🙂

Oh, and you see the strangest assortment of people when you walk to Biola at about 10 am. Like John Mark Reynolds bouncin’ along to his iPod. Or maybe he’s just a peppy walker.


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