Cummings, etc.

Cummings is shedding scutes!!!!

Yes, I said “scutes”.

Scutes are the tough scales that make up his shell, and he’s supposed to shed them every time he grows. I say “supposed to” because he hasn’t been. Turns out, turtles need UVB rays to shed scutes, and Cum’s light only gave off UVA. So, I’ve been hoping and hoping, since I put him outside this summer, that he would shed them. And he hasn’t. They’ve gotten bubbles under them. They’re pyramided even more (that’s what happens when a larger scute grows under a smaller one that doesn’t fall off…eventually, the turtle looks like he has a bunch of little pyramids on his back). But they haven’t shed. Until now. Well, they’re still not shedding by themselves, but I can peel them off of him really easily and Cums, who never lets anyone hold him for longer than about 30 seconds before he introduces them to his killer claws, sat there idly and let me pick at his back until I hit something that, apparently, was not supposed to come off. YAY CUMS!!!

On the other hand, Cummings has managed to break both his thermometer and the side of his tank this week. Go figure.

In other news, I finished my book chart on the Gospel of John!! That’s exciting because it was a huge project, part of which I did incorrectly the first time and had to go back and correct later. YUCK!!!

And yes, I have a definite opinion on assignments in seminary Bible classes that make you never want to read the Bible again. I would happily meditate for a month on sections of John, or on the whole thing if I had to read it over and over. But the book chart–pure busy work. And, well, I’ll let you guess my opinions on busy work 😉

I think I’m going to talk to Alan, the prof, about all of this, though I think it’s one of those conversations that won’t go anywhere because the people holding it come from such different points of view, but it’s worth a try. It’s worth it at least to hear his reasoning for doing the class the way he does it. I hope I can manage to tell him that I want to understand his position, not necessarily try to convert him to my own.

Another random thought…there is something very masculine about the assignment we just had…I’m not sure how valid that is, how true it is, but that would make sense, given what I know about the different ways men and women think and all of that.


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