I’m ba-ack!!!

Sabrina says, “I do have a life of my own. That I enjoy. And want to brag about. Really.” I’m just so proud of and happy for my roommates right now that I wanted to share it.

But I do have my own claims to fame. Like, on Friday, I saw The Princess. And today, I saw her entourage trying to find places to park in The Shark’s neighborhood where she and her “companion” (I read that, “bodyguard”) are going to live. And quite the entourage it was. It looked like something out of Alias (which, by the way, starts up on the 29th)–a bunch of big, black vehicles all following one another. Quite fun, actually. And made better by the fact that they were enough off the street that I didn’t get stopped in their traffic. I can’t say that, outside of Prom, I’ve even seen that many limos all in one place. Crazy. My guess is, she’s ready to get rid of the entourage for a little while. I know I would be. But welcome, Princess. Welcome to Biola, land of McNally and Metzger, land of ICS and ISF and AS, land of chapel tapes and Torrey Conference. I hope you enjoy the ride.


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