To fill in the blanks…

…what I made on Tuesday was a CummingsTankHolder. Yes, that’s its official name. You see, Cummings currently lives in a 50 gallon Tupperware thingy in our backyard. The old one was clear. It broke on Friday. Fairly seriously. So I got him a new one, which is not clear, but blue. And started collapsing under the weight of the water as soon as I put it in. The water, that is. And I tried everything, including going to Home Depot and buying the straps that you use to attach things to moving trucks, and strapping those around the tank.

So I, the girliest of girls when it comes to lumber and drills and hardware and walking through the men’s section of the store marched into Lowe’s, piled my 2x4s on a cart, and told them exactly how to cut it. And then walked home and made a CummingsTankHolder. Which, might I add, works spectacularly.

AND…God is so cool…he really saved my butt while I was in Lowe’s. Somehow, my trunk got popped. Since I didn’t pop the trunk, I have no idea what happened. But I came out to find it partway open. I was ready for everything in my car to be gone, stolen entirely. But, welcome all wonders, it was all there. All translates as my computer, iPod, my backpack, and my stereo. And it had been open for at least 30 minutes. Wow.

I’d tell you how he watched out for me this morning, but my roommates would kill me.


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