My songs

Well, I guess I got tagged by Heather for the five songs I’m enjoying right now. Which seems strange to me, because I couldn’t possibly listen to and enjoy 5 songs at once.

Ah, now for the spirit of the thing and not the letter.

1. Grace, by U2. Since I don’t have the $200 (minimum) for one of their concert tickets, I have to get by with my iPod…though I suppose I could sell the iPod and go to the concert…

2. Beautiful Letdown, by Switchfoot. I discovered them the other day, and I’m still listening.

3. O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus by whoever. I adore this hymn, from my retreat especially, and I heard a new version the other day that plays it alongside Moonlight Sonata, and I cried. It was hopeless.

4. Hmm…well, let’s go for the musical Les Miserables. All of it. Anything that has that much redemption in it is just cool.

5. Um…do the ones I’m teaching myself to play on the piano count? Because then it’s Bergmueller’s Agitato and a couple of easy Chopins.

Clearly, I am not a “music person”. And as far as tags…well, Trinitas, if she ever gets around to posting again this millenium, and Jess, and Adam. And Joi and Fiona. And maybe my friends from Wisconsin (I’ve been thinking of you guys!).


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