Planner Day

Little did you know, today was more than just the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Much, MUCH more.

Today was Planner Day!

What is Planner Day? Planner Day is the day where I go out and buy myself a brand spankin’ new planner for the new year. And it’s really quite a lot of fun. You see, for many years, I would buy myself a generic, cheap-o planner, use it for a week or so, and then give up and just try to remember everything I needed to know. Then, several years ago, I finally bought myself a planner that I liked. And, welcome all wonders, I actually found myself USING it. All year. So, when the next year came around, I went and bought myself ANOTHER planner that I actually liked, and I used it, too! So now, every year about this time, I hie myself over to Borders, peruse their selection, and end up with yet another planner that I like and just might actually use.

I know, that sounds really anal.

Yes, folks, this is a holiday that only a true “J” would ever actually celebrate.


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  1. I do that (with glee–it’s really quite fun), but I’m supposed to be a P. Hmm…

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