To blog or not to blog…

Hey, that ought to be on a T-shirt. Remind me to email the THI Alumni folder with that one.

On the plate today: would I rather graduate in December or May? And the answer? Well, they both have their own value. In December, you get smaller crowds, more intimacy, more personal attention. But it also almost feels like an afterthought, at least in some ways. In May, you have to deal with a lot more people, and it’s all less intimate and personal, but you feel more like you’ve DONE something when it’s all over and you’re facing the (inevitable?) letdown. I wish I could have it all ways–small crowds, big intimacy, and a big enough show so I feel like I actually achieved something. Probably not possible, in this world.

That said, many congrats to Katie and to Sara, both of whom I love dearly and without whom my graduate experience would have been much different (and much worse!) than it has been. I’ll join you in May!


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