Please pray…again

My grandfather is dying. I got the phone call tonight. He’s been dying slowly for over 16 years now, so it’s not a big surprise, but it’s sad. I guess he has a fever and is pretty much comatose, which means that his dementia/alzheimers/whatever has affected his brain stem and his body is shutting down. I don’t know what to tell you to pray for, but please pray for my family.

Actually, there are some specifics.

1) My parents are currently in South Dakota taking care of my mom’s mom, who fell and broke her hip a week or so ago and may have to move from her assisted living center to the affiliated nursing home. They’re…stressed.

2) We don’t know if he’s saved. He made a profession of faith right before his dementia got bad enough for it to be impossible to have a conversation with him. We don’t know if that was real, was a response to pressure, or whatever. So pray for his soul.

Thanks guys.


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