Maybe He is messing with me…

…but now it’s in a good way, so I’m not too bummed.

This post just won a daily award at Everyday Hogwash. Like half the other bloggers I know. But still, this is mine, and it’s fun (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it provides the cash to pay Tuesday’s ticket…and I’m not sure I would have entered the competition if I hadn’t figured, “What the heck…I need the money!”, and I’ve always wanted to win something for my writing).

Anyway, vote for me next week between Wednesday and Friday. And don’t worry about forgetting…I’m sure I’ll be reminding you…more than you ever wanted to be reminded about anything (but, then, hey, you can write a ranting post and win money from them, too).



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2 responses to “Maybe He is messing with me…

  1. You can count on my vote.

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