Head, shoulders, toes…

…oh, and knees. Mainly, mine. More specifically, the left one.

I don’t know what it is about high-ish heels and my knees, but the two no longer go together. Which is sad, because I love my heels. And it’s not like I wear them all the time. I just have two pair of boots and one pair of sandals that I adore…and that I currently can’t wear without spending the next several days to a week in a little pain but with a lot of grinding and sickening stretching going on that just doesn’t feel right. That’s the real kicker, actually. My knee doesn’t really hurt, most of the time (it does, this morning, though). It just…turns wrong. Like, it stretches too much and I don’t realize it until I move again, when I find with an almost-sickening sproing back into place that my knee was, in fact, stretched too far. Yuck!

And I have to wear heels this Saturday. All day. Or my spectacular dress will drag and become spectacularly filthy, which, I think, would make the bride spectacularly mad.

Thus, this week, I get to wear my (totally obnoxious) knee brace and hope that things stop sliding around…so that I can wear my heels on Saturday and make them start again. *sigh*


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  1. Hmmm…that is a problem. One of my sister’s bridesmaids sprained her ankle on rehearsal night when she slipped on a patch of ice. Wedding day came, and heels wouldn’t fit on her swollen ankle. The good thing about long dresses is that they cover tennis shoes!!

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