My life isn’t that hard

Serious Pep Boys Realisation #2: No matter how much Satan attacks right now, no matter how little I feel like I have to offer spiritually, financially, or otherwise, no matter how many of these more-or-less nickel-and-dime attacks he gets in, my life isn’t that hard.

Take the guy who worked on my car tonight. He really wanted to go home when he finished. His boss wouldn’t let him. In the ensuing conversation, I found out that he works two jobs, and that he has to be at the other one at 5am. Directly after which, he comes to Pep Boys to work on cars until 8 or 9pm. And it sounded like that was to put food on the table. And he’s not the worst off–there are those without any jobs, or who work longer hours than he does and still can’t put food on the table. Suddenly, the $77 dollars I paid him to make my turn signals stop acting like they were possessed by Satan seemed like very little, and the things that I’ve been so frustrated over seemed almost silly in comparison.

There’s nothing like perspective to keep the demons at bay. Take that, Satan!!


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