There’s something fishy going on here…

I finally realized tonight, while I was sitting in Pep Boys waiting for them to find the shorted-out ground wire in my car, that maybe there is an explanation for my grandpa’s death, my chipped tooth, an obscure parking ticket, and a really obscure car problem all coming up within a month of each other. I feel strange writing this on the Internet, but I really think there’s a spiritual warfare aspect of all of this. Yes, God is allowing these things for his purposes, for me to learn to really trust him, for me to see what He really can do, for me to truly learn that all my works are dust and ashes and that only His truly matter, and for whatever other purposes He has in mind. But these things that are happening…well, I think there’s a method, a purposefulness to the seeming purposelessness.

This thought is confirmed for me when I remember what I thought the first Monday of school, the day Grandpa died. I woke up and thought, “God is moving.” And I was thrilled. Exhilarated, even. And that is when all of this started. I’ve lived long enough now to know that, when God moves, Satan moves in behind him, or tries to cut him off at the pass, or tries to take out those who are moving with Him. And yet, somehow, I still forget to expect it.


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