Please Pray

I feel kind-of silly for asking for prayer about this and for being as frustrated and anxious about it as I am but I’m asking anyway:

I’m sure most of you remember the ticket I got about a month ago. Well, the short version of the story is that I reconciled myself to just paying the darn thing…except that I can’t. They haven’t sent me anything about it yet. Actually, that’s not true. They sent me paperwork saying that they changed the address for the paperwork to be sent to, per my phone call to the officer writing the ticket, and they sent me more paperwork saying that they had changed the number of the offense (Mr. Read-Your-Manual-So-You-Remember-ALL-the-Rules Officer apparently got it wrong) and moving my potential court date back a week. Which was great…avoided all sorts of potential conflicts, including my Theo II Midterm, so if I didn’t get any paperwork and had to go, well, I could. Except that, two days ago, my Theo II prof move the midterm back. One week. So now, if I don’t get my paperwork, I also can’t go to court. Which probably means lots of hassle with the Fullerton Court people, if they’re at all like they’ve been when I’ve had to deal with them before. So my request is that the paperwork would just come, so I could pay the dumb ticket and have this all over with, and not have to juggle and jostle with my schedule because of their mistakes.

Thanks, guys!


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