Cereal help?

Yes, you read that correctly. I need some help with my breakfast cereal. You see, I’ve always wanted to like oatmeal. It’s good for you and it’s really easy to make in the morning. And I’ve tried to like it. But the truth is that I really can’t swallow an entire bowl of the stuff without filling it so full of unhealthy crap that all the health value of the oatmeal is counteracted by unhealth value of the stuff I’ve put in it.

So here’s my question to you, my reader: what (if anything…is this possible??!?) have you discovered that you can add to oatmeal that A) doesn’t ruin or negate the nutritional value, B) makes it taste like something other than juiced spit-balls, and C) does something about the awful texture of the stuff?

*sigh* I read that and I begin to think that my oatmeal-eating career is probably going to go the way of my running career, and the careers of so many other things that would be good for me to do but that I just don’t like. But let me know your suggestions anyway, just in case liking the stuff is actually possible.



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3 responses to “Cereal help?

  1. I gave up on oatmeal and switched to Malt-O-Meal. Much more manageable!

  2. We’re eating oatmeal for Lent. Thus, I know all about how to make it less awful. 🙂

    #1 best trick: put in lots of raisins. Seriously, if you put about 1/2 or more cup of raisins into 2 servings of oatmeal, it will end up tasting good. You put the raisins in with the water so they get soft as it comes to a boil. The nice thing about this is that they’re so sweet you don’t need (or want, really) to add any extra sugar.

    Gabe likes putting in chopped apple. I think it’s ok, but not amazing.

    If you don’t care about eating sugar, add brown sugar. Or cinnamon sugar. And stir the oatmeal up a lot so it gets stickier. Some people don’t like it that way, but I think it is a lot better.

    Ha. Way too much oatmeal information. 🙂

  3. Chopped nuts. A handful of walnuts and/or almonds improves the texture drastically, and when combined with dried fruit (raisins are okay, but I prefer apricots and cranberries) gives it a yummy, nutty flavor. Besides, the protein makes it more balanced, actually improving the nutritional quality. Win win win!

    You can play with the texture by mixing in other grains and such. Wheat germ and flax seed are good.

    Also, the quality of the oats matters. At Sams Club you can sometimes get commercial oatmeal, which is MUCH higher quality than the stuff you buy at the grocery store. It’s the stuff that’s supposed to hold up for hours under the heat lamps, so it’s really yummy if you DON’T leave it under the heat lamps for hours. It takes a while to cook, but it’s worth it.

    And brown sugar covers a multitude of sins. =)

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