Something new and different

Well, actually a couple of somethings.

For the first time in ages, I slept in this morning. My alarm went off, I thought, “No way,” rolled back over, and went back to sleep. It’s amazing the difference a single hour of sleep will make.

The reason for this extra hour of sleep is probably more related to the painkillers I took at 5am. All painkillers put me to sleep. Except Tylenol, which doesn’t put me to sleep but also doesn’t kill the pain. Why was I taking painkillers at 5 this morning? Ah, well, that’s something new and different, too. I woke up with a horribly painful cramp in my calf. It must have been painful enough for me to awake with a groan or a yell or a grunt of some sort, because I also woke Stephanie up. It was over before I was fully awake, but then it just ached. Hence the sleepy drugs.

I have no idea why the leg cramp. I Googled them this morning and I guess I’m either dehydrated, low on some electrolyte, low on calcium/magneisum, or totally and completely ideopathic. My guess would be low in calcium…being lactose intolerant does make that one a bit hard. But…wow…waking up like that in the middle of the night just might be enough to make me go out and get some calcium I can stomach.


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