When God Reigns, It Pours

Do y’all remember the beginning of this semester, where I woke up and felt like God was moving? Well, he still is. Really. Not only did he suffer, die, and rise again, for us, but he’s moving on a more…individual, I guess…level, too.

I feel like this is an Easter Week for me in more ways than the fact that Sunday was, well, Easter.

On Monday, I finally had the meeting for the Torrey program I want to run next year. Overall, I think they were excited. And they want my proposal. By Monday. As in, next Monday. Good thing I sat down a couple of weeks ago, so frustrated with the whole process that I had to do something to remind myself that I believed something could really happen here, and hacked out a first draft. If I hadn’t been so frustrated, and felt so much like just letting the dream die if no one was going to listen, I would never be able to meet this deadline.

Today, while I was in Costco with Dave, buying allergy medicine, Biola’s HR called and offered me the job in IT. One minute, I was trying to decide if I should spend the money or deal with the allergies, and the next, I had a job if I wanted it. It was actually too surreal for me; I didn’t even accept the job then. I took her offer of some time, just because the middle of Costco wasn’t where I wanted to be when I took it. But I think I am going to take it. In fact, unless something really unforeseen happens between now and when I call her back, I know I’m going to take it.

Finally, I spent most of yesterday and part of today with Dave, mostly just doing regular stuff. And it was wonderful. And I thought, “Oh, this is what marriage will be like, at least some of the time. That’s not scary, that’s good. Really, really, really good.” Which was followed closely by, “Why did we want to wait until January??!?!” And then I thought of the planning, and remembered. On top of that, it’s so warm, it’s like summer outside. Or maybe I just feel like summer on the inside; I’m not really sure.

(And yes, I did just announce on my blog, in that round about way, that Dave and I are planning to be married.)

I’m so happy here, in this place, with things I’ve waited so long for and prayed so much about finally coming to fruition. I’m not sure there’s any place I’d rather be right now, not even Fiji, and that’s saying a lot.


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