Still here

In a couple of conversations over the last several days, I realized that I have left the blogosphere hanging on several important points. Never fear, blogosphere!!

1. My back is better. Not all better. I still need a chiropractor. But better enough that it doesn’t hurt as long as I’m nice to it.

2. I took the job. And I started the job. And I like the job, thus far…though the orientation was a bit over the top. But it IS Biola. The job is probably the biggest reason why I haven’t been blogging. I had a really funny dream about the job the night before I started it…involving small arms dealing, Biola, and Korean students…bizarre. But funny.

3. This week is crazy. And I think the next few are. In fact, this month is crazy. So if I don’t post, I’m not dead. Or mortally wounded. Or even wounded at all, for that matter. Just busy.

4. I’m attempting to re-configure my sleep schedule yet again. Which means that I’m tired at weird times and awake at weird times.

5. I love you all. Very much. And I’m glad you keep coming back here.


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