Just so we’re all on the same page

I’m busy. Really, really busy. So, if you’re trying to get together with me and I give you two time slots to pick from over the next two weeks, please know that I really do want to see you. Things are just crazy right now. They should calm down when I’m done with school, feel like I’m on top of things at work, etc. Sometime about July. But I truly do want to see all of you, and if we can’t make a time work now, we’ll keep trying.

I’m also tired. I’ve seen this happen to other people, both when they’re graduating and when they’re starting new jobs, and I’m doing both, so I figure I have a right to a little exhaustion of my very own. That doesn’t mean that I love it, or even that I like it, but knowing that it’s just the way things are right now, and that I’m not crazy to feel this way, does help me accept it and live from it. So if I don’t seem like myself, it’s because I’m not. I mean, I’m not totally not myself, but I’m a more-tired, less even-keeled, more-likely-to-just-stay-home-and-read-or-watch-TV version of myself than usual. It’s not you.


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