I wanted everyone to know that I’m really ok.

The last couple of days have been difficult. Between the story about what happened to Dave that I’m so sick of telling that I’m not going to blog about it yet, and the fact that something I really think God wanted to have happen isn’t going to start in the fall, and the fact that, with all these other facts going on, I haven’t gotten enough sleep for several days, I’m tired. I’m ok, but I’m tired.

I’m not intending to be as cryptic as these last couple of posts have sounded. Mostly, I’m trying to be careful about what I say about other people involved in situations, or I’ve told the story a thousand times in the last several days. If you want to know what’s going on, I’ll tell you. My blog just isn’t the place for everything.


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  1. aw, man . . . I was afraid it was the Torrey thing when you posted about it earlier. Given Torrey politics, I’m somehow unsurprised, but I’m so, so sorry. That sucks!


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