I DO say so myself

I made a dang good Valentine’s Day mix for Dave. I hadn’t listened to it in a long time, and I finally updated my iPod, remembered it, and heard it again. And it’s good.

I’m always reminded of the truth of this song every time I hear it, though I don’t listen to it much.

I’ve been painting pictures of Egypt,
I’ve been leaving out what it lacks
The future feels so hard,
And I wanna go back!
But the places that used to fit me,
Cannot hold the things I’ve learned
Those roads were closed off to me
While my back was turned!
(Sara Groves, Painting Pictures of Eqypt)

For the first time, though, this morning, I realized that I didn’t feel that way. I wasn’t trying to go back, and I wasn’t looking back and wondering if that was better. Cool.


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