Musings on Wealth and Poverty

I’m RICH–I have enough money and stuff that I could give some away and still survive, or even live well. I have a fairly high standard of living, and I can probably maintain that, barring anything drastic happening, over the next several years.

I’m POOR–I owe a good deal of money through school loans, at some near-ish future point I need a car, and I’d like to eventually buy a home, though that probably won’t be any time soon. There’s no way I could make enough money any time soon to pay for all of this. Though I can give away on a month-to-month basis, I can’t pay off all my debt.

I’m RICH–I own more than most of the world ever will. I make more in a day than much of the world makes in a month. I’m more educated than most of the world will ever be, and i have an incredible amount of leisure in which I can do…whatever I so desire.

I’m POOR–I’ll probably never have the standard of living that my parents had, and that I grew up with. I might someday make as much money, but it won’t go as far in this generation, and the higher-paying jobs are fewer and father between.

I don’t understand loans and debt…anything that seems designed to make the relatively wealthy feel wealthier while actually making them poorer seems like a dangerous thing. To have an economy as based on it as ours is…well, I don’t know anything about economics, but that doesn’t seem like a very sturdy thing to me.

I’m also not sure I understand how things are priced in this country, particularly education. To have the most educated people be some of the most in debt, and to make some debt almost necessary to receiving an education doesn’t make much sense. And that’s outside of my questions about the cost of healthcare, insurance of all kinds, representation by law, etc.


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