Attila the Huntington

Whoever thought that “Huntington” was a good example of a way to combine letters in the English language ought to be shot. Or ought to be made to listen to people pronouncing the word over and over again. Try it now. Say it out loud. What do you hear? You sound like you’re learning bad Chinese, or like you’re a kid faking Chinese at the Chinese restaurant thinking you’re all that. You don’t sound like you’re speaking English.

Ok, I’ll give you one…it does sound good with an English accent. Since we do not speak with English accents here in America, however, it’s a word that ought to be banned. Or changed.

In that spirit, I offer you the best and worst letters to replace the first “t” in “Huntington”.

Best: D, F, J, L, M, N, R, S, Y, and my personal favorite–Z

Worst: C, G, H, K, Q, X

And vowels? They’re completely out of the question.

So pick your poison, ladies and gents, and don’t get stuck sounding like a Chinese organ grinder’s chattering monkey again.


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  1. what makes you think Bsac will make a choice you can’t abide with? – k

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