I’m sure there’s a message in here somewhere

This has happened twice (count them…twice) this week. I wake up about 6-ish, glance at the clock, think about how wonderful it is that I still get to sleep for 30 more minutes, and go back to sleep and start dreaming.

Forty minuets later? I wake up, widely and suddenly, to realize that the most obnoxious repetitive noise in the world has not occurred. I check the obnoxious-noise-producing-machine, only to find that it is off. Off. When I am more than positive that I specifically turned it on the night before.

Which leads me to believe that, apparently, I have discovered a new skill. Who knows what it will lead to, what great, productive tasks I will soon be accomplishing in my sleep? I might even save the world.



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4 responses to “I’m sure there’s a message in here somewhere

  1. Matthew

    I suspect the message just might be to go to bed earlier and get more sleep. Or perhaps to move your noise-machine further from the bed. I used to have to do that…

  2. Ah. The problem with that being that it’s not my fault my body likes to lay in bed until ungodly hours. I put it to bed. I follow my “going to bed routine”. I take no blame for the viscissitudes of my flesh.

  3. Dude…that totally happened to me all of the time. But now that I work 5pm-12am I don’t really set my alarm but I know that I should get up at like 10am or 11am but today I found my brain telling the sleepy me that,’its okay to sleep another hour, you see, its daylight savings and so its not noon its really only 11am. And before that, its not 11am its only 10am.’ That was such a great lie that I even fell for it. What will I think of next.

  4. Wow. Somebody is reading a little too much into things 😉

    I was trying to be clever. And silly (you know, in the, “Hello, of course we’re all responsible for our bodies” sort of way.

    And pointing out the fact that, lately, when I can’t sleep, it’s not because my mind is churning, but because my body is hot, or restless, or something like that.

    Hope that clears things up.

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