I keep thinking of pithy, witty things to blog about, only to have them disappear when I get here to actually write them down. I think I just might have more on my mind than my blog, lately. Fancy that.

I can tell that I’m out of school and becoming adjusted to that because I am currently actively reading 3 books (that does not include the 2 that I read when I’m between books I’m actively reading), studying at least 2 languages (ok, well, one of them is Spanish, which I already speak but wanted to review, and the others are programming “languages”–HTML, CSS, maybe PHP since it turns out that’s what my blog template is written in), planning to build my turtle a sunning ledge, and attempting to understand my “How to Draw Celtic Knots” books, which aren’t in the list above because they’re so confusing I put them back on the shelf the other day.

You see, that’s what I do when I’m not in school (and am doing pretty well internally)–I study things at breakneck speed.

Oh, and if anyone knows why in the world I’m having recurring dreams about airplanes (that my psyche deems important enough to wake me up in the middle of the night so I’ll remember), please, Please, PLEASE let me know. Because, as far as I know, airplanes carry no special significance. And all the cheesy web sites about dream interpretation? Have entirely different explanations for the imagery. Right. I knew they were all quacks. But seriously, if God enlightens you, please enlighten me in turn.

That’s all for now, folks.


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