1) The ant kingdom, or at least the part of it living outside my bathroom and sending in search parties daily must refer to me as “Hitler,” or maybe even “Stalin” for my industry in eradicating their population. I can live with that. Invade my home, little buggers, and prepare to die.

2) M&Ms were much tastier when I was a kid. Now they’re pretty much just bad chocolate with annoying though happily colored candy shells. That DO melt in your hand.

3) Cummings has taken to eating his anti-algae pellets. First green rocks of a remarkably large size in comparison to the turtle, then algae pellets, then Marley, now these. What a fine sort of digestive tract that turtle must have.

4) We still have oranges. Come and get ’em.

5) DUN dun, DUN dun dun dun dun, DUN dun dun dun dun, DA ta da, DA ta da…I get to go see Mission Impossible 3 tonight. Great flick or great disappointment? Ah, only time can tell.

6) I’ve been up since 4:15. AM. Because I had to take Stephanie to the airport, that’s why. Dave suggested a nap at lunch time. How good and husband-ly of him.

7) If you think that a girl needs an engagement ring to plan a wedding, you will be sorely disappointed in me over the next several weeks. Tough. You will deal, I promise. And if you’re nice to me, I might even send you a wedding invitation even though I know you disagree with me.

8) Last but not least, a shout out to Ken, who A) finally got me a bomb bag and B) is being deployed soon. Prayers go with you, my friend.


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