Today was one of those days when my brain gave out before I wanted it to.  The stack of little annoyances got too large and *crash* came tumbling down, covering me in its sticky aftermath and thus making the rest of the (work) day almost useless.  Though some might argue that the fact that I can’t get offline because the Internet has taken over my body makes the rest of the day useless as well.

I think I’ve been reading too many pithy girl blogs.  I’m beginning to sound like One Of Them.

I am SO looking forward to my retreat this weekend.  I think it’s rather ironic that I have written in my planner, for Saturday, to spend some time determining whether I need a retreat.  Leftover from one of John’s projects last semester.  I think it was the one I forgot about entirely until other people were turning theirs in.  The same one John accepted and graded even though the syllabus said that late work would not be accepted.  Right.  That one.

But there’s still something funny about being supposed to determine whether you need a retreat while you’re on one.  I think that gives the answer, plain and simple.  HELL YES!  I do need a retreat.  Sorry for the redneck moment there.  But I really do.  I didn’t go on one last semester.  I didn’t go on one after graduation because I was too busy transitioning into working full-time.  But now?  Now I’ll finally get to go.

I can’t decide if I hope I DO sleep for much of it, or if I hope I DON’T.  I think I need the sleep.  Anytime I, nightwalker extrodinaire, begin to consider 9pm bedtime, I think it’s time to get more rest.  On the other hand, if I’m asleep, I can’t actually enjoy the fact that I am finally getting the quiet and peace that I’ve been craving.  I mean, I could sleep at home.  Except I can’t.  Which seems to produce the rub.

Probably, I’ll just go, and be, and whatever happens, happens (and, honestly, that’s what will happen whether I decide to do things that way or not).  But I’m still excited.  Even if I sleep for 40 hours, I’m excited.  As long as I don’t have any dreams about impending torture, carniverous cannibalistic turtles, or forgetting to plan my wedding beyond getting a dress, I will be happy even if I just sleep and sleep and sleep.


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